This is the third Sunday after my lovely daughter Darlene Oralee has turned 1 year old.

1 year old birthday.

You will always be remembered.

Now and forever, you will still be remembered and look forward to meet you.


26th Aug 2018

Another Sunday gone by and I can still see you staring at me with you lovely smile.

My beloved Pearl and lovely daughter. I still long to see you again in the next life. You are a cherubim now, an Angel of our Heavenly Father.

I can still feel your presence with us here on earth. I will still visit your resting place here on earth, but this is only temporary. You are already in your permanent home forever.

Your love and smile will keep me going till we meet again.

Family, Life, RESPECT, Wellbeing

23rd week

Reflecting back it has a long while. Twenty three weeks ago you passed on. This morning as I woke up I thought of you as by now you would be awake and walking around making noise in the house.

I laid back and thought about you and just know that you are watching us from Heaven and looking out for us.

Thank you for being our Cherubim and we all still miss you here our lovely pearl.

We all look forward to meeting you in our divine destiny.


Polite Gestures and Manners

Not everyone are the same type of people but polite gestures and manners makes our environment and communities a friendly place.

Some people tend to be a bit off their heads because they think they work in an area and don’t give a shit whoever passes by or even comes along.

It simply shows the lack of appreciation to other humans. However they don’t know that because they think they have authority over that area or environment. It is simply a wrong perception for one to think like that.

All of us a mere human beings and we are all not of this earth but of a promised destiny.

It requires us to practice the life of the promised destiny here on earth while we are still alive.

One of this life’s practice is “Polite gestures and manners. So until next time let’s practice this and influence others to do the same.