10 months

It was supposed to be a 10 month birthday with you being alive with us as on the 14th July 18.

My beloved darling daughter Darlene Oralee. But you left as an angel and now a cherubim watching over us your immediate family and friends.

We have all missed you and looking forward to meeting you in our next life after this.

May you continue to watch over us as we live and toil this earth till we meet again?

Best of Love still remains in our hearts till we meet again Our beloved Pearl.



In loving Memory of Darlene Oralee Boisen.


Today the fourteenth day of March 2018 marks the sixth month birthday of my Angel Darlene Oralee Boisen. The happy moments and memories will be cherished forever until we meet again. There is no other time than every fourteenth day of each month.

It marks the day you came to Us Your Family on the 14th September 2017. Until we meet again my Angel and Beloved daughter. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of Life you have given us and taken back.

It was a memorable journey of five months on this life and now you are Cherubim in Heaven.

We pray Heavenly Father that you grant us the peace of mind to walk this earth and give us the strength to face the challenges in life.

My Angel please guide us through this life and its challenges and look over us to help us walk the route destiny has divinely planned for us.

We (Mummy, Jr. Delsen, Olivia, Lieth, Olive, Daddy, and Family Relatives) miss you and love you so much Darlene Oralee Boisen, our Beloved daughter, Sister, and now Cherubim in Heaven.


Family, Life, Nature


Today marks my Angels 6th month birthday. She is supposed to be sitting strongly now and trying to stand up and walk.
I really miss her today as I was supposed to have a birthday cake for her to mark her big day today.
But instead we will be visiting her grave to pay my respects to mark her big day today.
As a token of appreciation for her existence from 14-09-2017 to 18-02-2018 joining my family I am writing this tribute to her. May she be a guiding star and lead now and into the future.

” For today will still be remembered and every fourteenth day of every month.”

Our Beloved Daughter and Angel Darlene Oralee Boisen

” May your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace.”

DOraleeBoisen Bondei