19th week

It has truly been a while but these past 19 weeks has not gone by without a single thought of you.

You have been truly blessed and will always be til we meet again.

Your sister visited this morning and back home now. We truly miss you and looking forward to seeing you again in the after life.

The strength to go on and live each day is a blessing and given the life we live with today, respect for those that have passed on in life is important to all.

You are now a cherubim and looking out from heaven to us.

Much love and blessings be with us all.


Polite Gestures and Manners

Not everyone are the same type of people but polite gestures and manners makes our environment and communities a friendly place.

Some people tend to be a bit off their heads because they think they work in an area and don’t give a shit whoever passes by or even comes along.

It simply shows the lack of appreciation to other humans. However they don’t know that because they think they have authority over that area or environment. It is simply a wrong perception for one to think like that.

All of us a mere human beings and we are all not of this earth but of a promised destiny.

It requires us to practice the life of the promised destiny here on earth while we are still alive.

One of this life’s practice is “Polite gestures and manners. So until next time let’s practice this and influence others to do the same.


Her resting place

On this Arvo’s visit, it is a colorful scene of colors that were beautiful to the eyes. It simply show how beautiful my beloved daughter who is laid to rest.

Daddy collected flowers from home and placed it on your resting place.

My love to you my pearl, as from these flowers the scent will seep through and reach your bed of flowers.

Til we meet again Darlene Oralee, daddy will continue to visit your resting place and cleanup when and where required my daughter.

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Your 7th month

My beloved daughter and angel Darlene Oralee Boisen, today marks your 7th month birthday.

Seven months ago you arrived and become a family member to my young family. You left earlier to be a cherubim and I will still treasure the moments each fourteenth day of each month. I still have my beard growing as a sign of respect for you my beloved.

Daddy miss you so much that only you can see how am doing from heaven.

I woke up this morning again and went through your three months old videos and pictures. I still can’t bare the feeling of losing you earlier than me. I remember crying with tears coming down and having to hammer the shut with the four nails around your bed of resting.

I know I will be laid to rest in one of this aswell when my time comes.

I wish you your 7th month birthday and will continue to look forward for the days ahead to your 8th month old.

My love and tears for you my beloved. You will still be in my heart treasured because you are my pearl.

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17 cracking good tips for your resume this easter

17 cracking good tips for your resume this easter.

Easter has passed but the need for resume updating will still be required. Some very good point highlighted below via the link.

Felt it was right to post it here to help others. Some common mistakes we do that seem correct are outlined in this article. Header and footer and also where our education section comes in. Others like achievement and maybe projects accomplished.

Another one is summarizing our headlines or introduction section.

Enjoy the read.