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Today marks the 12 months since you left your family my beloved daughter Darlene Oralee.

Visiting your resting place yesterday was so sad for your siblings and mum and dad.

We all missed you as you were supposed to be here with us going to the beaches and playing around at home and going to mummy’s garden.

Anyways you have left us and we know and feel you are always watching over us from your home up in Heaven.

Much love and Forever more blessings.

Your Family.

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23rd week

Reflecting back it has a long while. Twenty three weeks ago you passed on. This morning as I woke up I thought of you as by now you would be awake and walking around making noise in the house.

I laid back and thought about you and just know that you are watching us from Heaven and looking out for us.

Thank you for being our Cherubim and we all still miss you here our lovely pearl.

We all look forward to meeting you in our divine destiny.


19th week

It has truly been a while but these past 19 weeks has not gone by without a single thought of you.

You have been truly blessed and will always be til we meet again.

Your sister visited this morning and back home now. We truly miss you and looking forward to seeing you again in the after life.

The strength to go on and live each day is a blessing and given the life we live with today, respect for those that have passed on in life is important to all.

You are now a cherubim and looking out from heaven to us.

Much love and blessings be with us all.

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12th week on

You have been gone 12 weeks already and still felt like yesterday.
Darlene Oralee you are being loved by your siblings, mum and dad.

Though you are gone from this earthly place we still cherish all the moments we have shared together. We will continue to visit your resting place and respect that you were here with us once apon a time and treasure those times.

Until we meet again you are Our guiding Angel.