The life that we live

We all live a temporary life, but with the thought to make it better here now and set up for when we depart.

Departing is something we don’t plan for as a default thing in life but it has to be lived first and worked on for when the time comes. Never will life be smooth and be calm but challenges will come to test us and challenge us to the depths of our true hearts feeling.

To this point one can only and truly make the right decision. Not to early neither late but just on time. If human beings cannot be in control to this point then failure arises and overcomes us to make the wrong decision.

Yes decision is a choice but when that decision is not made from the heart, these produces more challenges and it will be expensive.

The challenge to the hearts limit for families , how do we want to see our families live without us. For those soon to be parents and young people, how do we want to live with our families later on.

Do we keep going down the same road or we change with our hearts decision to make the change and follow our heart.

Don’t get me wrong, there are virtually heart made decisions but its controlled by the mind as a perception but once it is from the heart one can truly feel this change before the mind confirms and it is manifested.

Thanks for your time reading this and I believe this will help us rethink our heart felt strategy.

Jah bless you all and your families too.


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