Life, Nature

Appreciation of a new day.

A morning breeze sending chills down your spine is a good day. Appreciation of this new day is what I can feel it is good one.

Life can get you to places but it is your appreciation of the days you spent there that counts.

Appreciation of a new day will be a life experience of where you had been and have been.

You can always reflect on it and always appreciate it was a good day and blessings will come.

It also gives one the strength to face the day as it unveils the challenges going through.

Until next time appreciate the new day wherever you are.


Tool for purpose and waste management.

Understanding a piece of tool for a purpose is important so that we don’t waste resources.
Waste management is a tough job of its own and those who are skilled and professionals in that field can share their insights to it.
But as humans with a sense of common sense we should be smarter and help by understanding the tools to for purpose and manage the by products or waste production.
Until next time enjoy your day and minimize waste production.

Life, Nature

New Day Living it on

Flowers withers, and degrades back into the soil. So does the human body. We all when passed on, we live a new day and living it on in a new world.

We are the only ones that will see this. All our life on this planet earth are and will be taken away when the number of days is up. So as we still live the moments of it as the days go by is a challenge in life that we cherish with others.

When the time comes, we will not be sad to leave but to be happy to live it on in the new world. 

Just as the new flower’s seed sprout from the soil back into life, our life too sprouts back in the same manner but in the new day and living it on in the new world our promised land. The same applies to the seed that doesn’t sprout, if our life has travelled the straight and smooth journey in life, well our new life worth be given to us to live it in the new world but will be taken away and punished eternally.

God bless you alll reading this and may you have a blessed time now and till you are called to return to the promised land and destiny awaiting all of us.




Her resting place

On this Arvo’s visit, it is a colorful scene of colors that were beautiful to the eyes. It simply show how beautiful my beloved daughter who is laid to rest.

Daddy collected flowers from home and placed it on your resting place.

My love to you my pearl, as from these flowers the scent will seep through and reach your bed of flowers.

Til we meet again Darlene Oralee, daddy will continue to visit your resting place and cleanup when and where required my daughter.