In loving Memory of Darlene Oralee Boisen.


Today the fourteenth day of March 2018 marks the sixth month birthday of my Angel Darlene Oralee Boisen. The happy moments and memories will be cherished forever until we meet again. There is no other time than every fourteenth day of each month.

It marks the day you came to Us Your Family on the 14th September 2017. Until we meet again my Angel and Beloved daughter. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of Life you have given us and taken back.

It was a memorable journey of five months on this life and now you are Cherubim in Heaven.

We pray Heavenly Father that you grant us the peace of mind to walk this earth and give us the strength to face the challenges in life.

My Angel please guide us through this life and its challenges and look over us to help us walk the route destiny has divinely planned for us.

We (Mummy, Jr. Delsen, Olivia, Lieth, Olive, Daddy, and Family Relatives) miss you and love you so much Darlene Oralee Boisen, our Beloved daughter, Sister, and now Cherubim in Heaven.



IWD – Respecting Our Partners in FAMILY

March 8th is celebrated as the International women day.  It is with great love, honor, and respect to have been brought to this world by a women, mother and carer. Having a FAMILY of our own and working out there in our respective work environment we interact as workmates, teams to deliver and achieve set planned goals.

It is not all the time we tend to realise that our women folks have been supporting us through and helping achieving this. Gratitude and applause often being given to the profession and it obscures the gender. It is a good thing this is celebrated to show our APPRECIATION and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to our PARTNERS in FAMILY LIFE be it at HOME, and or WORKPLACE.

To all you WOMEN in the WORLD, MAY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER continue to BLESS you and give you the STRENGHT to PRESS ON and be the LIGHT and MAIN SUPPORT to all the MEN.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all.

I also would like to dedicate this to my Lovely Angel and Late Daughter ” Darlene Oralee Boisen” MAY HER SOUL RIEP and Guide all of us into the future.


Choices we make.

It is our right and also it’s our responsibility to be held accountable to decisions we make on the daily choices.

The choices can make or break something, thus we have to be prepared to face the outcomes. If one claims to have wins only, then you are fooling yourself.

High in the sky above the Owen Stanley Range.

Every win has its ups and downs before winning. Also it implies someone or whoever claims to have wins only has not had the opportunity to learn.

Well done to those who have been held accountable for both. You have learnt alot. So keep doing what you are doing and keep learning and soaring high.


My Team

Together Everyone Achieves More. This is the spirit that all businesses need to have to achieve value added results.

The same applies to our Family as Families are the origins of TEAM. Regardless of where we come from or what we do, our teams must always be together and never be divided.

With the current the current situation around the world this would be very challenging, however it can still work with how we manage our communications with each other.

My team back home had some catching up on their school work and had some fun times aswell.



What are our rocks of life? We all have something we hold on to and have as a strong foundation or our life.

Our Heavenly Father is the key to our Life here on earth.

He has also created rare rock minerals on earth that we extract minerals from to manufacture other products to help with our livelihood.

Which rock and what type of rock do you have as your foundation?


Back into the UG

It has been a while ago about 6.5 years when I was last underground.

Returning back into the UG mining operation has never been a regret taking up the responsibilities.

It feels good to be back in the underground side of mining. The beauty of it is one has the opportunity to view 3D and venture into the future space of 4D perspective.

Space and time are really important likewise the geo mass properties and characteristics.

I have to say that I love the underground side of the mining operation than open pit.