In loving Memory of Darlene Oralee Boisen.


Today the fourteenth day of March 2018 marks the sixth month birthday of my Angel Darlene Oralee Boisen. The happy moments and memories will be cherished forever until we meet again. There is no other time than every fourteenth day of each month.

It marks the day you came to Us Your Family on the 14th September 2017. Until we meet again my Angel and Beloved daughter. Thank you Heavenly Father for the gift of Life you have given us and taken back.

It was a memorable journey of five months on this life and now you are Cherubim in Heaven.

We pray Heavenly Father that you grant us the peace of mind to walk this earth and give us the strength to face the challenges in life.

My Angel please guide us through this life and its challenges and look over us to help us walk the route destiny has divinely planned for us.

We (Mummy, Jr. Delsen, Olivia, Lieth, Olive, Daddy, and Family Relatives) miss you and love you so much Darlene Oralee Boisen, our Beloved daughter, Sister, and now Cherubim in Heaven.



IWD – Respecting Our Partners in FAMILY

March 8th is celebrated as the International women day. Β It is with great love, honor, and respect to have been brought to this world by a women, mother and carer. Having a FAMILY of our own and working out there in our respective work environment we interact as workmates, teams to deliver and achieve set planned goals.

It is not all the time we tend to realise that our women folks have been supporting us through and helping achieving this. Gratitude and applause often being given to the profession and it obscures the gender. It is a good thing this is celebrated to show our APPRECIATION and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to our PARTNERS in FAMILY LIFE be it at HOME, and or WORKPLACE.

To all you WOMEN in the WORLD, MAY OUR HEAVENLY FATHER continue to BLESS you and give you the STRENGHT to PRESS ON and be the LIGHT and MAIN SUPPORT to all the MEN.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all.

I also would like to dedicate this to my Lovely Angel and Late Daughter ” Darlene Oralee Boisen” MAY HER SOUL RIEP and Guide all of us into the future.

Family, Life

This Day 18th Feb

It was the saddest day that I got the news about you my Darling Princess Darlene Oralee that you have left me to go back to Heaven.

Its been 3 years today since you left on that Sunday in 2018, and today a Thursday in 2021.

You are still being cherished and your elder brother and sisters always remember you as you are still part of our Family. We know and feel in our heart you are watching over us ever day and night.

Thank you for being our guardian angel, and thank you for being part of of our life.

Love and Memories will linger on as we l8ve each day. πŸ’”πŸ™πŸΏπŸ’―πŸ˜’

Life, Nature

Flying with or without Wings

Its a choice we can make. We do have the freedom to make that choice.
No one can make that choice for us. We can choose to fly with wings in many ways. Or we can make it without wings.
Dreams can take us to heights and places we haven’t not been.
Our mind is a powerful asset we have been blessed with. How we choose to use it, is up to each of us entirely.
Regardless of what our choices are to utilise our Powerful weapon this mind of us, the results are the end game to what we have chosen. The manifestation of the minds conceived thoughts will proof how useful we have used it.
We all have the power to train this mind of ours to be genuine or not genuine.
You as individual have the right and freedom of choice.
Freely as a bird is natures way to control it, however birds have the option to fly against the wind or flow without a stroke of its wings.
The heights of which it can fly is subjected to how long it chooses to go with the wind. It can easily fly against the wind to gain more height but in doing so use some of its energy to gain that height.
In life to grow, improve and maintain greatness we need energy to do that. No growth to greatness is without the use of energy. All greatness have been achieved with some form of energy.
Positive or Negative energy is truly our choice, depending on what we have planned to achieve. Results come accordingly and are associated with the type of energy we choose.
So whether we choose to fly with or without wings during the Positive or Negative energy being dissipated its entirely up to us Individuals.
May we choose wisely.


Natures Inverted Love

It can conceal messages and one might not even see it or one sees it.

Natures Inverted Love.

Nature speaks volumes about how we do and how we deal daily. Its a blessing if one sees such message and you ponder and or wonder about it.

I had been through some tough and rough times recently again and upon seeing this it tells me something big is going to go down in life.

Be it a good life changing experience or a challenging life changer time can only tell.

Its lifes own way through nature to speak to us. Our Heavenly Father created this Earth and placed Us to be custodians of this wonderful planet.

What good are we if we don’t look after Our Home this Earth Our Livelihood Planet? Also if we don’t read the signs that are presented to Us, we will miss that valuable information now, however i believe it will come in a different form in a different time.

As the sun rises and fall, time goes as that is the natures own natural clock controlling all that revolves around the sun.

The Sun in the Solar System stays staionary it is us on this planet of ours so we claim it to be that revolves around the sun 365 days in a normal year and 366 days in a leap year.

So this year is a normal year, what we have in store naturally we don’t know. What we have we know, but what is at present at this very time and moment is really dependent on us.

Only when we pay attention to the details in nature around Us will we not know. We control and influence the entire environment around us. What we choose and what we get can only be influenced by our Own state of mind and the energy we dissipate into the world around us.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the energy we let out to the revolving world around us. More importantly if nature is speaking to us, pay attention to that detail and information because it will be a life changing experience.

As the world around us revolves, every second as the sun still shines really counts. It is the little things that counts regardless of the energy that comes with it. Remember, deep in natures own setting this very second i am writing this will be different when you are reading this and the location changes every second the earth revolves around the sun.

That’s nature, and this morning it just showed me the Natures Inverted Love in the Clouds.